Engineering Team
Our engineers have years of experience in the PV industry. They have worked around the world, adapted to difficult climates and geographies, dealt with varying soils and slopes, and fulfilled unique and often challenging customer needs. This global experience enables our team to engineer the best possible project solutions at the least cost for any client anywhere in the world.
1.Information Collection    2.Project Approval      3.Design       4.Preliminary Evaluation  
5.Optimization                   6.Review and Testing    7.Confirmation       8.Save as file
Design Standards
Geco’s engineering team makes the reliable and cost effective proposals for its global customers, based on the specific design codes in different countries.
Design Software

Drawing Software: Solid works; AUTO CAD; Pro-E       Structural Analysis & Calculation: SAP2000; Midas Civil;3D3S; Mathcad;     

Wind Pressure Simulation Software:FLUENT

 Mechanical Calculations

Geco’s engineers work out client proposals based on the local climate information and geographical conditions provided by customers, in accordance with their local design standards. With this information, we conduct comprehensive structural calculations and tests, optimize the design and reduce the material costs, ensuring the safety and stability of the client’s solar power plant.     
Pull Out Test

 1. Pull-Out Test  for Ground screw     

Ground screws are widely used in PV structure foundations, building foundations, billboard foundations and guardrail foundations. Geco engineers will conduct an on-site pull out test for ground screws, in order to provide both a theoretical calculation and an actual construction verification to their customers.

 2.   Tension test for clamps
This machine does tension tests and provides data for metal clamps in accordance with the international standards of GB, ISO,DIN, ASTM,and JIS.